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Marketing and Communications

Marketing communications are tools used to convey your message and brand out to wider audiences, and help to define an organisation’s relationship with its customers.

Marketing tools are a mix of digital media tools to traditional print media and how to develop your brand. Here you may find courses available in how to use social media, developing your organisations branding, communicating with others through newsletters, developing a marketing strategy to understanding how SEO works.

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11/06/2019 Learn WordPress and Build Your Own Website in One Day - NFSTG1952
St John's Church Hall Rowlands Castle
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Learn WordPress and Build Your Own Website in One Day - NFSTG1952

Date: 11/06/2019

Price (Voluntary Sector/Social Enterprise): £80.00

Price (Statutory/Business): £115.00

Venue: St John's Church Hall Rowlands Castle

In this busy day you will do the following:
• Choose and buy a good, search engine optimised domain name
• Consider what hosting is and how to select the best hosting for your WordPress website
• Introduction to WordPress
• Install, set up and update WordPress automatically
• Get to know the Admin Panel, Settings and Basic Configuration
• Create pages and posts and understanding the difference
• Add images and videos and how to best select and alter the format
• Go through users, categories and links
• Allow comments and explore how to avoid spam
• Add structure, widgets and navigation menus
• Explore the difference between static and dynamic content
• Apply an attractive design using easy templates
• Consider what is responsive and choosing mobile friendly designs
• Use plugins
• Make your website search engine friendly
• Add contact forms, maps and set up a process to take payments
• Add social networking and track visitors with Google Analytics
• Identify your legal Requirements, EU Cookie Policy and Data Protection
• Add a sitemap, privacy policy and terms & conditions easily
• Be aware of Security, stability and backing up
Trainer: Suzanne Hodnett

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